Cross-Border Road Transport Agency v Central African Road Services (Pty) Ltd and Another

Case No. Lower Court Judgments Hearing Date
CCT 163/14 Gauteng Division, Pretoria, 15 Feb. 2013
Gauteng Division, Pretoria, 1 Nov. 2013
Gauteng Division, Pretoria, 18 Jun. 2014
17 Feb. 2015

By Duncan Wild on 15 November 2014

This matter relates to the 2011 Cross Border Transport Amendment Regulations (“the Regulations“) promulgated by the Cross Border Road Transport Agency (“CBRTA”) which purported to increase the permit fees payable by cross border road transport operators by 250%. In February 2013, the High Court declared the regulations invalid subject to six month period of suspension to allow the regulations to be amended. The suspension period expired and no changes were made to the regulations, and so the High Court declared the regulations invalid with retrospective effect. The CBRTA then appealed. Continue reading