President Nelson Mandela’s Speech at the Inauguration of the Constitutional Court

14 February 1995, Johannesburg

President of the Constitutional Court;
Chief Justice;
Honourable Judges;
Distinguished guests;
Ladies and gentleman.

The last time I appeared in court was to hear whether or not I was going to be sentenced to death. Fortunately for myself and my colleagues we were not. Today I rise not as an accused but, on behalf of behalf of the people of South Africa, to inaugurate a court South Africa has never had, a court on which hinges the future of our democracy.

It is not just a building that we inaugurate, handsome though it is. It is not a body of wise men and women that we launch on their path, important though we regard their work. It is not just our blessings that we give to their work, confident as we are in their integrity and commitment to justice. It is an institution that we establish – South Africa`s first Constitutional Court. Continue reading

Useful resource on Constitutional Litigation

Although, not something we ordinarily do, but in the spirit of brining of attention to how the Constitutional Court works, the ConCourtBlog is recommending a new book that has been published that focuses on the rules and principles applicable to litigating in the Constitutional Court.

The book is authored by two advocates, Max de Plessis and Jason Brickhill, and an attorney, Glenn Penfold*, entitled “Constitutional Litigation”, all with significant experience acting in the Constitutional Court.  The book is a useful, accessible and practical resource that will be a useful tool for constitutional law practitioners and students, and anyone who is interested in how the Constitutional Court works.

Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke has said of the book “I welcome the publication of Constitutional Litigation and have no doubt that it will add much to our evolving procedural law as well as to the ability of practitioners to do justice to the cases of their clients – an outcome that is consistent with the mission of our Constitution.”

You can find more information on the book, and order it here:

*Disclosure: Penfold, and the editor of ConCourtBlog work at the same law firm.

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