Third Term 2013

Overview of Third Term 2013

This table shows an overview of the Third Term of 2013. Note that we count a judgment as delivered in the third term if it was delivered between the first day of the recess after the second term (1 June 2013) until the last day of the third term (30 September 2013).

Third Term 2013

Access Statistics

This graph shows the court that first heard a case that ended up in the Constitutional Court.

Court of First Instance

Route to the Constitutional Court

This graph shows how a case got to the Constitutional Court, i.e. did it go straight from the High Court to the Constitutional Court, or was there first an appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Route to the Court

Results of Appeal

This graph shows the results of appeals to the Constitutional Court in relation to the Court from which the appeal was held. For example, if a case was first heard in the Eastern Cape High Court, and then went on appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal, the Eastern Cape High Court’s decision is not reflected on this graph, only the Supreme Court of Appeal’s decision is reflected.


Judge Statistics

Justice Participation Written Majority Voted with Majority Written Concurrence with the Majority Total in Majority Written Minority Voted with Minority Total in Minority
Cameron 1 0 1  0 100%  0 0 0%
Froneman 13 1 13  2 100%  0 0 0%
Jafta 13 2 10  3 77% 2 3 23%
Khampepe 12 1 11  0 92% 1 1 8%
Mogoeng 8 1 6  0 75% 1 2 25%
Moseneke 12 1 11  0 92%  0 1 8%
Nkabinde 12 1 5  0 83%  0 2 17%
Skweyiya 13 1 12  2 92% 1 1 8%
van der Westhuizen 7 1 7  0 71% 1 1 29%
Yacoob 1 0 1  0 100%  0 0 0%
Zondo 13 2 11  1 85%  0 2 15%
Mhlantla AJ 11 1 10 1 91% 1 9%

Judge Agreement

This table shows the percentage of the time the Justices agree with each other. Note that agreement in the final result is what matters, so for example if Justice Jafta writes for the majority of the Court and dismisses an appeal, and Justice Froneman disagrees with his reasoning but agrees that the appeal should be dismissed, that is counted as an agreement.

Note also that as Justice Cameron and Justice Yacoob only participated in one judgment each during these decisions, so these statistics are not properly representative. Where an “n/a” appears in the table that means that Justices in question were not involved in any cases together during the term.

Agreement J

 EC Justice Cameron
 JF  Justice Froneman
 CJ  Justice Jafta
 SK  Justice Khampepe
 MM  Chief Justice Mogoeng
 DM  Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke
 BN  Justice Nkabinde
 TS  Justice Skweyiya
 JvdW  Justice van der Westhuizen
 ZY  Justice Yacoob
 RZ  Justice Zondo
 NM  Acting Justice Mhlantla


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