Hattingh and Others v Juta

Case No. Lower Court Judgments Hearing Date Judgment Date Majority Author Vote
CCT 50/11 Stellenbosch Magistrate’s Court, 10 May 2010
Land Claims Court, 30 Mar. 2011
SCA, 30 May 2012
6 Nov. 2012
14 Mar. 2013 Zondo  J.  Unanimous

The Constitutional Court in a unanimous judgment authored by Zondo J upheld an eviction order that was granted to Mr Juta, the respondent, for the eviction of the three applicants.  The Court was called upon to interpret section 6(2)(d) of the Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997 (“ESTA“), and determine whether that provision precludes the eviction of the applicants.  ESTA also seeks to provide a constitutional balance between two competing constitutional rights.  On the one hand, the owner’s right to property and, and the occupiers right of access to housing.  The parties agreed that the Mr Juta was entitled to the eviction order except in so far as section 6(2)(d) of ESTA is applicable.    Continue reading